We are TrueBrush
TrueBrush was born during a backpacking trip through Utah’s stunning landscapes. As a group of friends immersed themselves in nature’s beauty, they were struck by the contrast of using plastic toothbrushes and chemically-laden toothpaste, and using their limited water to not drink but to rinse and spit out. This sparked a realization that their daily oral hygiene routine felt out of sync with the natural world around them. From that moment, a journey began to discover a more natural, sustainable alternative that would not only respect the environment but also enhance their personal well-being and experience. TrueBrush was the result of this quest – a company that blends ancient wisdom and modern innovation to offer simple, effective solutions for oral care that prioritize both people and planet.
Thank you for choosing TrueBrush, where natural solutions meet
everyday needs.
TrueBrush is on a mission to empower individuals to lead a more natural, Holistic lifestyle with ease.
Our mission is to steer people back to a more mindful and environmentally conscious way of living, by sourcing natural solutions that respect both people and the planet. We believe that simplicity and sustainability go hand in hand, and we seek to find natural wonders that provide practical solutions to our everyday needs, without over-complicating or over-engineering them. Our goal is to empower people to live simply, mindfully, and in harmony with the environment.
Be a part of a natural revolution that not only benefits you but also makes the world a better place. We invite you to explore our products, embrace our vision, and become a part of the TrueBrush community. Together, we can make a positive impact on our oral health, our environment, and our global communities.
TrueBrush is more than a product; it’s a symbol of our dedication to holistic living. We believe that self-care should be a seamless integration of nature’s goodness into our daily routines. Our mission is to provide a haven for those seeking reliable, natural solutions that enhance their well-being from the inside out.
Good For You
TrueBrush derives from the Peelu tree, a plant known for its powerful antibacterial properties. Research has revealed that the tree’s wood contains 19 natural elements that combat oral bacteria at a faster rate than conventional toothbrushes and toothpaste. These findings have even led the World Health Organization to endorse the Peelu tree as a highly effective solution for oral care. At TrueBrush, we harness the Peelu tree’s potent antibacterial power to create a natural, sustainable toothbrush that prioritizes oral health and environmental responsibility.
Good For Earth
The world does have natural solutions for our everyday needs. Our focus is to find those solutions and make them readily available to fit into your everyday lifestyle. For the first time ever, TrueBrush allows people, who want to make a positive impact on our environment, to hold the environment in their hands, connect with it, and feel the change in their smile.
Good For All
TrueBrush is a Dentist approved solution that supports healthy teeth and gums throughout the day, and on-the- go. TrueBrush proactively supports communities that suffer from not having access to fundamental health care services. We donate TrueBrushes to international Refugee camps and to our local shelters to provide solutions and resources for oral hygienic needs.
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