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Flavor: Mint Fluoride


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Product Description

Plant-based Toothbrush + Natural Toothpaste (activated upon each use) | Natural Herbal Remedy | Teeth Whitening | Plaque and Tartar Remover | Breath Freshener | Biodegradable | Raw | Vegan | Dry Mouth Solution | 5-10 uses per TrueBrush (Depending on the duration of each use. TrueBrush Slim has up to Five fresh heads of bristles. Cut off used bristles to reveal fresh ones)


Soft, gentle and clean fibers perfect for brushing teeth

How to Use

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Cleans and Whitens Teeth

TrueBrush features silica-rich bristles, known for their plaque-removing properties and gentle polishing action. Enjoy a brighter, naturally-whiter smile through the time-tested tradition of natural oral care.

Removes Bad Breath

TrueBrush’s antibacterial properties, particularly the presence of natural oils and compounds like cinnamic aldehyde, work synergistically to combat bacteria in the mouth. This not only neutralizes bad breath but also contributes to overall oral freshness.

Prevents and Halts Gingivitis

TrueBrush’s natural fibers and antibacterial elements contribute to a proactive defense against gingivitis. The inherent compounds, including tannins, work to reduce bacterial growth, preventing inflammation and promoting overall gum health.

Fresh Bristles With Every Use

What's IN truebrush ?

Nature’s Elements for Complete Oral Wellness

Known for its ability to strengthen teeth and prevent decay, fluoride in miswak aids in maintaining oral hygiene.

Natural salts with antibacterial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, helping to eliminate the root cause of bad breath.

This abrasive mineral helps in removing plaque and surface stains from teeth, contributing to a cleaner and fresher mouth.

Natural organic compounds that aid in the reduction of bacterial growth, preventing gum disease and fight tooth decay.

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