A natural toothbrush that's perfect for the outdoors. No water or toothpaste needed.
$ 4.95

Hiking, Camping, Office, Travel



20 uses with each brush. All-in-one total oral care solution.

TureBrush keeps your teeth clean with no water or toothpaste.

Perfect for hiking and camping.

A crisp & clean mouth!

  • Kills bacteria that cause gum disease
  • Fights plaque
  • Helps reduce tooth decay
  • Effective for teeth whitening
  • Fresh breath

When we are camping, we don't want to waste water brushing our teeth (let alone the hassle and the mess).  Now we just grab our TrueBrush!


Even better...

For every TrueBrush that we sell, we give one to a homeless person in need.


So what is it?

TrueBrush is made from the root of the Arak tree.  Called 'Miswak', this root has been used as a nature's toothbrush for more than 7000 years!


How does it work?

1. Gently chew on the end of your TrueBrush until the root starts to bristle

2. Then, scrub and floss between your teeth.  

It's easy and tastes great.  Users often comment that it helps open up their sinuses and relieves the urge to smoke.


Where can I learn more?

Check out these great references for more information on the use of Miswak through history.